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HRLocker brand identity


The brief

We were approached in late 2018 with a brief to create a new visual identity for the company, which would be more reflective of HRLocker’s company culture, positioning them as a modern, industry leading tech company… with a heart.

Our approach

We started by carrying out a brand health-check, and discovered that many of the brand attributes needed to be defined more clearly, in a way which would generate more love for the brand (both internally within the company and externally amongst clients and the public), and would provide guidance for company strategic decisions. We defined the company personality, and created a clear brand proposition and purpose which would ultimately become the company tagline: “Happy working”.

We then designed a new logo, which amalgamated a 3-dimensional locker with a smiling face to give expression to the company culture. This was then elaborated into a broader visual identity consisting of company colours, fonts and imagery, along with guidelines for how to bring it all together to create a consistent house-style. This was delivered via an accessible online asset repository and a concise brand identity guideline.

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Ultra Design took our brief to create a new identity, and designed a new brand which not only looks much more professional, but has also helped us to focus our efforts behind a common purpose: ‘Happy working’.

Adam Coleman
CEO, HRLocker