Cup Print

Marketing toolkit brews the perfect blend for Cup Print

Cup Print is a highly innovative food and beverage cup provider based in Ireland’s Midwest. They offer compostable and recyclable products for coffee shops and other retailers, with quick turnaround and delivery guaranteed. With a focus on practicality and consistency, we worked closely with the team to create a bespoke marketing toolkit including logos, collateral, and assets.

Communications challenge

Small business owners often find that producing consistent marketing materials a real challenge. The team at Cup Print felt they were almost starting-over again every time they published a new campaign, and often with variations of their own logo. They needed a rock-solid foundation on which they could base all marketing activity. By having one clear brand identity, supported by an online brand guide with high-quality digital assets available for download, they could achieve that brand consistency.

Programme of work

We started with a research-and-market review phase which showed that a competitor was already in breach on the Cup Print logo. This work allowed Cup Print to reclaim ownership of their brand IP through legal means. Our initial logo design work began with redrawing the current logo to both deliver greater clarity and improve flexibility regardless of cup size or platform. We moved the logo to a single colour black artwork, to retain visual authority, and complement any brand style where it might be seen. Visual assets including icons, cup images, and more were designed to provide more marketing-ownership and empower the client to create great campaigns. Social media templates were also provided to deliver the same consistency in digital formats while a 30 second explainer video that told the brand story was storyboarded and designed for use online. While these elements all have the potential to play very important roles in the life of a brand, a big part of developing marketing materials is also giving the best advice on how to use them. A full visual identity online toolkit now holds all design assets and collateral including stationery, presentation templates, digital media, and more.

Solid Marketing foundation drives future success

In branding and communications, Cup Print is now aligned behind one consistent look-and-feel, delivering a new level of confidence in how the company connects and engages with their target audience. In everyday terms, the team at Cup Print now has the tools and know-how to create consistently high quality one-off adverts and in-depth campaigns.

Demonstrating this level of professionalism would prove to be very important as the company had recently been acquired by industry giant by Huhtamaki. By presenting Cup Print as home to one consistent, unified brand, the new owners could appreciate the brand value already gained and incorporate this as part of their overall marketing strategy.
In fact, Huhtamaki has acquired several companies in recent years and Cup Print is the only one to have retailed its original name and identity – proving the strength of the initial brand development work.

Brian McDowell

The identity toolkit delivered by Ultra Design has paid back again and again. It's brought visual consistency to our campaigns which builds confidence in our customers. 

Brian McDowell Digital Marketing Manager