Irish Artificial Intelligence company wins international accolades after a complete brand re-positioning

Galvia offers AI solutions designed to optimise data utilisation for enterprise and student engagement teams. We worked with their core team to rename, rebrand and relaunch to achieve maximum clarity in a growing market.

Communications Challenge

Having began life as ChatSpace, this energetic AI company from Galway were quickly establishing a reputation for high impact AI solutions delivered to a diverse range of organisations around the world. Founder John Clancy felt that the company name was becoming increasingly limited when the sales and technical teams were making new business introductions. So the decision was made to explore a rename and rebrand to open up possibilities to innovate and explore new market opportunities. Following our initial introduction we were invited to work with the team to explore and design the future brand of this young company.

Programme of work

We facilitated a series of lively and engaging sprint-style workshops with the core team to explore the company’s market position and name. It was crucial that we developed a deep understanding of the company culture and the customer perspective. Selected customers were invited to contribute their experiences of working with the company during the workshops, which led to a rich 360 degree view of the company from both an internal and external perspective.

We explored and presented a range of visual identity stories to bring the brand to life. Ultimately the name ‘Galvia’ was chosen, inspired by their native city Galway. A suite of visual assets were designed from a logo to icons, avatars and social media assets. A visual toolkit was then made available to the team in an online brand guideline and asset repository. We also designed user interface patterns and communication templates to empowering John and his core team to make a great first impression with stakeholders, industry peers and potential clients. The team were now speaking to the world with a unified voice and visual style.

Going one step further to understand the brand experience

With a new brand in place, Galvia were offered a golden opportunity by a trusted customer to receive feedback on Galvia’s new predictive AI product prototype. Working with the technical team, we facilitated a series of moderated usability tests over concurrent weeks with high level users from the customer organisation. The learnings were deep and powerful and helped to shape the technical team’s understanding of the product and the future direction of Galvia’s AI offering.


Being able to interpret entrepreneurial vision through communications is a real challenge. It requires not only deep listening, but at times stepping into the clients shoes, to understand their hopes, motivations, challenges and drivers. We’re grateful to have earned the trust of John and his team, and take great pride in the success and recognition which they continue to earn.

John Clancy

Alan Davis is an extremely talented and smart brand strategist and designer. His creativity and focus on our audience's needs were evident throughout the process. What impressed me most was his forward-thinking approach, ensuring our brand would stand the test of time. Thanks to his guidance, Galvia now has a clear and mature brand identity that we're proud of. I highly recommend Alan to anyone looking for a skilled partner in branding.

John Clancy CEO Galvia