HR Locker is a people-management software platform provider based in Co. Clare on Ireland’s west coast. We worked closely with their team to develop a new visual identity, brand bible, and marketing toolkit - helping them communicate their purpose in a very competitive sector.

Communications Challenge

After a hectic early start-up phase, HR Locker now felt the time was right to build a brand that was much closer to what they had grown into – and not where they had started out from. A lack of consistency in their old identity often slowed down new marketing collateral like brochures and presentations. The company needed the help of an experienced Brand Identity studio. HR Locker knew our team at Ultra had the expertise to help strengthen their market position, and develop that all-important capability to create high-quality marketing materials with efficiency and professionalism.

Programme of Work

By starting with in-depth interviews and focussed research, we were able to get to grips with where their brand was, and how we could align our new identity to what the company stands for today. Following our comprehensive Brand Definition phase, we were able to clearly set out our proposition, encapsulating what they do. After that, we clarified brand personality from the customer’s perspective and articulated their purpose to help clarify thinking.

Detailed testing across many platforms assessed the newly-developed logo and artwork in action, showing HR Locker their revitalised look-and-feel. A digital brand bible was developed where we could document, store, and make easily accessible all design prototypes, fonts, colours, palettes, and delivery formats. Brand guidelines, know-how, and examples are now all shared on an internal folder. All marketing collateral in one place, and all ready to go.

New identity drives new energy

A new visual identity has seen the company transform engagement levels with their target audience and build on that, even up against the much larger competitors they face worldwide. With the input and guidance of the marketing and senior management team, we developed the two-word concept of Happy Working as the company’s core purpose.

Posters, presentations, and more can now be quickly put together as existing templates and approaches have already been nailed down as a recipe for success.

And perhaps, most importantly, marketing has found a new energy within the organisation as a whole. Everyone at HR Locker has worked together to row-in behind the new identity and this has galvanised thinking in all–things marketing right across this ambitious young company.

Adam Coleman

Ultra Design took our brief to create a new identity, and designed a new brand which not only looks much more professional, but has also helped us to focus our efforts behind a common purpose: ‘Happy working’.

Adam Coleman CEO, HRLocker